About the Port

The Port of Garfield, located in Pomeroy, Washington at the southeastern tip Washington State. The PortLocation Map entails all of Garfield County and encompasses 714 square miles.


It is a geographically diverse region bordered on the north by the Snake River and on the south by the Blue Mountains.


Highway 12 runs east-west through the center of town and  connects to U. S. 195 going north which connects to Interstate 90 to Spokane. Traveling west from Pomeroy, U. S. 12 connects to major highways I-84 and U. S. 395. Turning south at the Tri Cities, Interstate Highway joins into Interstate to Portland.



 Port of Garfield Sites

The Port of Garfield has several sites which include DSP, the U. S. Forest Service Administration Building, the Central Ferry site, and the Pataha Creek RV Park.
  • The DSP site is located at the west end of Pomeroy, one block off Highway 12, and is the only industrial site in Garfield County. This 33-acre site has an access road off Highway, directly connecting the site to the highway. DSP has approximately 8 acres designated for the community ballparks, several buildings that are leased or are offered for leasing, ministorage units, an RV park with restrooms and showers, and the remaining acres offered for industrial development.
  • The U. S. Forest Service administration facility is west end of Pomeroy on Highway 12. In 1986 the Port constructed a 5,000 square foot log façade administration building for the Forest Service, and by 1993 the Forest Service out-grew this facility, and an addition to the building was expanded to 10,000 square feet.
  • The Central Ferry site is located on the Snake River, about 23 miles from Pomeroy on Highway 127. The 80-acre site has 3.5 acres developed to accommodate grain barges for the Pomeroy Grain Growers. A small boating dock sits west of the grain elevators, and the remaining acres are hillside.
  • The Pataha Creek RV Park is located west end of Pomeroy, one block off Highway 12, and across Pataha Creek. The facility has 20 full-hookup units, showers and restrooms, and a free overflow area for extra vehicles.