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Garfield County, located between Asotin and Columbia counties in southeastern Washington, is a geographically diverse region bordered on the north by the Snake River and on the south by the Blue Mountains.  Historically an agricultural region, the business economy is based largely in government and wholesale trade.


Largest Employers in Garfield County

A listing of each the county’s largest employers is provided below. This includes both public and private employers. Employment figures reported are as of 12/31/12.

Federal Government 120
Garfield County   60
Garfield Co. Memorial Hospital   71
Pomeroy Public Schools   62
Dye Seed Ranch, Inc.   60


Quick Facts for Businesses

Population 2012 2,228
Labor Force 2012 1030
Total employment 2012 778
Unemployment 2012 8.1%
Goods Producing Employment 2012 74
Service Providing Employment 2012 774
Annual average wage 2012 $38,852
Median hourly wage 2011 $16.84
Per capita income in Garfield County 2011 $35,999


Geography Quick Facts

Land area in square miles 710
Persons per square mile 3.2