Central Ferry

CF originalSize
85.63 Acres


South bank of the Snake River on the West side of Hwy 127 (near Central Ferry Bridge). This property fronts SR-127 for or over 1000 feet.


Water and Sewer
Serviced by a well and a septic tank.


This property was purchased for barging grain to market.


Central Ferry

The Pomeroy Grain Growers lease the 3.5 acres where its grain elevators are located. The dock and dolphins are leased exclusively to the Pomeroy Grain Growers. To the west of the leased property is a boat ramp for access to the Snake River for public use.


Problems and Constraints
The constraints with developing the remaining property is that it is hillside land, and would be extremely difficult and expensive to develop. This area can be seen behind the elevators in the picture.


CF webDirections
Take Highway 12, and go west from Pomeroy for 13 miles. Turn right on SR 127 for 10 miles.