DSP Site


30 acres


Four blocks south of SR-12, inside city limits at the west end of town. DSP is zoned industrial by the City of Pomeroy. Port Way connects Highway 12 to the Port’s industrial site.


City water, 6″ mains with fire hydrants installed. Gravity sewers plus underground or overhead electrical service as needed.


This acreage was purchased in 1986 from the Dye Seed Ranch in Pomeroy. This property originally was developed for the Green Giant Company in 1942.


This land was purchased for industrial and tourism development to help diversify the economy for Garfield County. This is the only industrial development property available in the county.


Use and Occupancy
The east half of the property is occupied by existing structures, and eight acres on the west has been developed into three ball parks and the remaining land is for industrial development and a RV park/campground.